Welcome to the 2021 (Virtual) Design-Build for Water/Wastewater
Conference Program Schedule

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The track themes for this year's conference are as follows:

Track 1 – Essential Facts & Principles for Project Success

There are numerous fundamental concepts that, if well understood, will help drive optimal outcomes when using of design-build. This track will touch on several of those concepts derived from both research and practical application. With sessions ranging from an overview of the common characteristics/distinguishing factors of best-value versus progressive design-build, to understanding the current state of infrastructure pricing and supply chain management – this track will provide the essentials needed for design-build success.

Track 2 – Optimizing Design-Build

Design-build project delivery has a proven track record of outperforming traditional design-build-build and CM@Risk in cost and schedule performance. But did you know that research and case study has also shown that design-build can do so much more, including adding significant value for the Owner and end users, bringing innovative solutions, and helping Owner reach social responsibility goals? This track includes examples of just how far design-build can take your next project.

Track 3 – Collaboration “Done Right”

While a single-point of responsibility contract is the hallmark of design-build, the mental shift to a fully collaborative mindset is equally important. Design-Build Done Right® best practices point to the importance of early engagement and collaboration of key stakeholders. Maximizing success requires true collaboration in actions, not just words. This track provides numerous examples of what true collaboration looks like and the results it can produce.

Track 4 – Show Me the Money (and the Contract)

They say only two things are certain in life – death and taxes. In the AEC industry there are two other certainties – the need for funding and the need for effective contracts. In an economy where public Owners are forced to tighten belts and work smarter, this track looks at various financing mechanisms, strategies to ensure contract terms in the best interest of the entire team, and supply chain nuances that may impact current and future construction costs.

Educational Track - Water/Wastewater:

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