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Welcome to the Speaker Service Center!

Take advantage of the following online features designed to assist you in preparing for your session(s).

Your conference registration is complimentary!  DBIA staff will take care of your registration and will send your confirmation via email.

Key Deadlines

February 16, 2021      Accept and sign DBIA Speaker Agreement and Guidelines Form
February 16, 2021      Accept and sign AIA Speaker Agreement Form
March 3, 2021            Submit bio and headshot
March 3, 2021            Draft presentation due
March 11, 2021          Presentations reviewed and feedback (if any) to presenters
March 23, 2021          Final presentations due
March 29 - April 2      Record your presentation on the date assigned
April 12 – 14, 2021     Agree to be available to manage attendee “chat” during
                                    the broadcast of your pre-recorded session
                                    (exact date/time to be provided)

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